Investor-Friendly Agents

Good real estate properties earn steady rental incomes and offer profits if you eventually sell. These diamonds in the rough are critical in building a profitable real estate portfolio.

Of course, working with a real estate agent is the most efficient way to find these properties. But a typical agent won’t have the unique expertise needed to work with investors. What you’ll need is an investor-friendly real estate agent.

An investor-friendly agent uses their intimate understanding of local markets, financial metrics, and investing business models to help you find great deals with high profit potential.

However, most real estate agents work with general homebuyers. Make sure you prioritize agents with experience in the properties you’re looking for, like Evernest’s team of seasoned, investor-friendly agents in Birmingham and beyond.

Picture of Justin Jones

Justin Jones

Investor-Friendly Agent in Birmingham

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Picture of Clay Collins

Clay Collins

Investor-Friendly Agent in Birmingham

Clay has been with Evernest for 2 years now working as an Investor Agent. Clay has worked with every type of investor including institutions, seasoned investors, and investors looking to buy their first property. As a top producer, Clay has closed over $10mil worth of investment properties for Evernest clients in his tenure. Whether you are looking to buy a turnkey, BRRR style or a flip property, Clay has the market knowledge, analytical skills and passion to help you succeed in Birmingham.

Clay grew up in Birmingham and attended the University of Alabama where he studied Real Estate and Sales. In his free time Clay likes to spend time with his Fiancé, family and friends usually watching Alabama sports or enjoying the outdoors.

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